एक पत्र १७६० सासूबाईंकडून…

गेले वर्षभर मी ‘संवाद आणि एपीसोड कथा’ लिहीत असलेली कलर्स मराठी वरची मालिका ‘१७६० सासूबाई’ संपली..
आणि शूटींगच्या शेवटच्या दिवशी निर्मीतीताईचं एक ई-पत्र आलं..

अजुनही अधुनमधुन हे पत्र वाचतो.. आणि मग अंगावर मुठभर मांस चढतं…


It is exactly 1 year & 1 month ago that 1760 SasuBai went on-air. & today as I leave for the shooting of its last episode, it brings back all the beautiful memories of the wonderful journey.

Firstly & most importantly I Thank You with all my heart for believing in the project; for bringing this crazy Amba & her crazier Bagavatkar family to life on-screen. It would not have been possible without your faith in Me. Thank You for believing in Amba, Thank You for believing that I am Amba.

No journey is complete without it’s ups & downs, and surely we had our own too. But I really Thank You for standing by Me & the entire 1760 team through all the testing times. Thank You for helping us survive and win the hearts of millions of people.
I as an Actor is the one who the audience sees. But a lot goes behind it’s making. & I Thank You for helping Me ‘be’ the Amba that was actually conceived. I personally Thank You for all the valuable lessons I learnt during 1760 which helped me evolve not only as an actor, but also a person.

& it was possible only because you yourself are a gem of a person.

Many years after GanguBai, 1760 SasuBai was the one which helped me reclaim my glory on the television yet again. I really Thank You for giving me the opportunity to yet again rule over the hearts of millions of fans with ‘pure unadulterated simple family comedy’.

It is said that comedy is a serious business & we as a team dealt beautifully with it. Thank U for standing with 1760 SasuBai, thank u for the immense faith, thank u for understanding me during the misunderstandings (if any), thank u for all the 1760 memories.

& last but not at all the least Thank U for 1760 SasuBai itself!
God Bless U…

Thank You Thank You Thank You..

– Nirmitee Sawant

1760 Sasubbai

 1760 Katha - Ravindra Mathadhikari

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